Chef Penny Davidi and Chef Gabi Odebode(Afromeals CEO)

Recently, Afromeals was invited to a private chef-studded event in Ohio where we had the privilege to meet and talk to one of our favorite celebrity chefs Penny Davidi who has been winning hearts thanks to her scrumptious middle eastern recipes. The dinner was a private affair where all the chefs including Gabi from afromeals did groceries together and ended up having one of the most fun cooking sessions. Gabi, of course, prepared our famous puff puffs and everyone loved them especially Chef Penny Davidi. 

Chef Penny Davidi has a pretty long portfolio but some shows that made her popular include Food Network Stars, Chopped All Stars, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules that highlighted her abilities as a chef.

Considering Afromeals is still a growing family and has just hit 9000 followers on Instagram, getting recognized and acknowledged by our ideals like Chef Penny Davidi and Chef Jo was a real achievement.  

Chef Jo with our popular puff puff.

Afromeals was only founded 5 years ago in 2014 under the name Thavma Pastries. Apart from making pastry mixes and ready to cook food items, Afromeals strives to make food healthy, tasty and convenient. We are working towards introducing African culture and Food to people of the world. Moreover, Afromeals is also working on helping people realize the nutritional and medical benefits of food items that are usually overlooked.

Our brand just recently launched its recipe book as well and it was termed as the ‘Number 1 New release’ in its category on Amazon. If you wish to purchase the recipe book refer to this site.

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