No.1 African Cooking Class in Cincinnati

Connect with your team/group through cooking!

Looking for a fun team-building activity or a great way to engage your friends and family? Connect with your colleagues, organization members, or loved ones by signing up for our enjoyable cooking classes, available both in-person and online. We host corporate events, birthdays, bachelorette, family reunion, etc. For more information, contact us at info@afromeals.com or call 513-783-1955.

Team Building

Explore our Team Building Cooking Class, where teamwork meets culinary delight. Under the guidance of expert chefs, your team will learn to prepare authentic African dishes, enhancing collaboration, communication, and creativity in a fun, interactive environment. Perfect for corporate events and retreats, this unique experience strengthens team bonds while offering a memorable and delicious culinary adventure.


Create lasting memories and enjoy a shared love of food with our family Cooking Class for a delightful and interactive culinary adventure that brings the whole family together. This fun-filled class emphasizes teamwork, creativity, and communication, providing a perfect opportunity for family bonding while discovering new flavors and cooking techniques.


Online classes

Connect and bring your team or family together, no matter where they are, with our online cooking classes. This unique experience fosters connection, teamwork, and culinary creativity, making it ideal for corporate team-building or family bonding. Enjoy a shared love of food and explore new flavors while strengthening relationships with Afromeals’ engaging online cooking class.



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