What is Puff puff?

Puff puff is a classic deep-fried dough (Donut) popular in African countries. It is a golden brown ball with a fluffy, soft, cloud-like texture in the center and a bit of a crunch on the outside.

The Different Names of Puff puff!

Nigerians and Sierra Leonians refer to the donut as Puff puff whereas it is known by different names in different countries in Africa and outside of Africa!

In Ghana, puff puff is known as Bofrot. In  Cameroon, it is known as Beignets! South Africans call it Amagwinya or vetkoets. In Ivory Coast, puff puff is known as Gbofloto! Eritreans call it Maglia. In Gabon, it is known as Gateaux farine. Liberians call it Kala. In Botswana, puff puff is known as Magwinya. In Malawi, it is called Mandasi and lastly in Zimbabwe puff puff is known as Fat cooks or Fat cakes. 

Puff puff is also known in other non-African countries such as Brasil where it is known as Bolinho de Chuva. In France and around the western world as Beignet. 

Different Way to Eat Puff puff!

Puff puff can be eaten for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or dessert. It can be eaten in various ways. In Ghana, it is eaten as breakfast where it is pared with fermented corn pudding known as Koko or pap/akamu in Nigeria.

Puff puff can be eaten as a dessert when paired with custard, smoothie, yogurt, condensed milk, chocolate sauce, caramel, and different flavors of Jam. Others sprinkle powdered sugar on it to give it a sweeter taste. Puff puff is not as sugary or as sweet as the normal donuts that are sold in different coffee shops or donut shops. Not only can you pair puff puff with sweet sauce, but you can also pair it with savory sauces such as pepper sauce which is an African spicy sauce made with bell peppers, mini sweet peppers and other spicy pepper sauce as habanero peppers or ghost pepper. The pepper sauce pairs well with the puff puff. It gives a good balance of sweet and spicy snack! Though it is airy it is very feeling. A few puff puff can fill you up.

Afromeals Puff puff mix

Afromeals started the development for puff puff mix in April 2014. It’s been fives year of research and development to give that flavor of home (Africa) when anyone purchases and uses our puff puff mix. Our puff puff mix contains natural ingredients. Ingredients that are familiar and one can pronounce such as flour, sugar, nutmeg, yeast, and baking powder. Those are the only five ingredients found in our puff puff mix. 

Afromeals took the time to measure all our ingredients carefully and precisely to get that back home (African) taste and texture. The difficult thing about puff puff is that the wrong measurement can cause an alter in flavor or texture. 

With Afromeals puff puff mix, guesswork from making puff puff at home is completely eliminated. All the measurements makes your task easy which is to “JUST ADD WATER”. With Afromeals puff puff mix, all you have to do is to follow three steps, add water, let it rise, and fry it! 

Puff-puff mix Package

We have been selling our puff puff mix since 2014 and we have had great feedback from our customers! Below are some ratings and reviews.

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Puff puff mix with chocolate ! Very delicious !