Berbere spice is an East African spice specifically from Ethiopia. It has several aromatic spices blended in it and it not only brighten up your meals with it’s amazing hue but it gives it an amazing flavor.

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Aside from making fried rice with the Berbere spice it can be used to sauté shrimp, chicken, beef, tofu and even vegetables. To sauté, follow the following recipe from step 1 to 4. Sautéed Berbere can be added to salads or other meals.

Berbere Shrimp on Salad

Berbere spice can be used for popular Ethiopian street food tibs.

Tibs with Berbere

This Berbere Fried rice is unlike anything you’ve had before! The berbere spices add such as great flavor to the rice and shrimp it is amazing! Try our berbere spice

Berbere Fried Rice

Ingredients for Fried rice

1 cup of cooked rice (Jasmine rice) 

1⁄2 cup of mixed vegetable 

1⁄2 small onion (chopped) 

1 clove of garlic (minced) 

1⁄4 tsp of cayenne pepper (optional) 

2 tsp of Afromeals Berbere (Ethiopian spice) 

1 cube of Maggie or 1 tsp of bouillon powder (Knorr)

4 -5 counts of cooked shrimp (Large or Jumbo) 

2 tablespoon of oil 1 tsp of Italian season or thyme 


1. Into a pan under medium-high heat add 2 tablespoons of oil 

2. Add onion and garlic and stir for a minute 

3. Add the shrimp and stir for a minute, then add the cup of mixed vegetables. Sautee shrimps and vegetables for a few minutes (2) and lower heat to medium-low. 

4. Add Italian seasoning, Berbere spice, cayenne pepper (optional), and bouillon cubes or powder, then stir. 

5. Add the cup of cooked rice to the sauteed vegetables and shrimps then keep stirring for about five minutes. Add salt if needed.

6. Let it cool then enjoy!