Afromeals is one of the very few companies in Ohio, United States, trying to bring the African Culture to the area through Food. The owner and founder of Afromeals, Gabi, left no stone unturned to make every dish of Afromeals nothing less than culinary art. 

Our small African food company is not only being recognized by people of the area but celebrity chefs like Chef Jo and Chef Penny Davidi are also fond of our famous puff puffs. 

Recently, Afromeals went to Dots Market to advertise our tasty puff puffs. Customers were given the opportunity to taste puff puffs for free. It was specifically organized for people who are skeptical about investing in food items without tasting them first. However, we were overwhelmed with the amazing response we got from the customers. The best part is our puff puff mixes sold out within a few hours.

Customers who tried our freshly fried puff puffs gave positive reviews like, “These taste more than homemade, she’s put herself into this” and “These taste great, they taste even better with the chocolate sauce”. The African donuts were a show-stealer at Dot’s Market Kettering, Ohio. 

Afromeals started their business back in 2014 under the name Thavma Pastries. Our puff puff mixes also debuted in the same year, the amazing customer response gave us the courage to develop our very own puff puff mix business. 

Over the years, we have branched from pastry mixes to a broader business and are focusing on making healthy, nutritious, convenient yet tasty foods. 

Apart from puff puffs, you can also try out fried rice that is a common fan favorite. We are also currently catering and delivering food items all over Ohio. 

Thanks to the amazing food quality being provided by afromeals, our little family has been regularly increasing. Afromeals’ Instagram family has reached a total of 9000 followers. 

Moreover, we have just launched our recipe book dubbed Afromeals in 30 Minutes that can be bought from Amazon here. For more updates and news, stay tuned to our blog, Facebook and Instagram. 

With Christmas around the corner, don’t think twice before ordering afromeals catering, food items or pastry mixes. Every single item will help you make your Christmas dinner and breakfast top notch.