Afromeals Foundation


Afromeals foundations provide food, food resources, education and training on cooking, food and nutrition, food and health, and food-related topics for persons (Children, Youth), communities that are impoverished and at-risk individuals.

The specific objectives and purpose of this organization shall be:

to sponsor, collaborate, host and/or participate in events that are geared towards feeding impoverished communities, and/or individuals.

to provide packaged food and beverage to individuals particularly women (pregnant women), and children who are homeless and live on the street.

to provide facilities, equipment, and train foster children who have aged out of the foster care program/system on how to cook nutritious meals ;

to provide facilities, equipment and teach at-risk women, women with children and domestic abuse women how to cook nutritious food.

to provide culinary services, education and training for individuals specifically at-risk individuals who wish to use training to attain a job as a chef, start a food career, or food business, etc.

to sponsor, collaborate, host and/or participate in food-related events and activities that promote food education, food science, nutrition, and raise awareness about hunger in different communities worldwide.

to educate and bring awareness to food and health and demonstrate how food can impact health in a good and bad way.

To educate individuals about other cultural foods globally.