Regular Cooking Classes

Discover our diverse offerings: Engage in regular cooking classes, host memorable private events, or join our interactive online classes.

Private Events

We design menus and cooking classes for corporate events and other events such as birthdays, family day or even bridal/baby showers. 

Online Classes

We bring the cooking class in the comfort of your home. We take you on a virtual tour where we teach you how to cook 2 to three different items.

Educational Services

Our goal is to share the rich and diverse heritage of these regions while promoting cultural appreciation and culinary education.

Pop Services

We’ll be visiting cities and towns in every corner of the United States, bringing our team of experienced chefs to teach participants the art of African and Caribbean cooking.

Kid’s Classes

Afromeals offers fun and educational cooking classes specially designed for kids. Our goal is to ignite a lifelong passion for cooking while imparting valuable skills and knowledge about African  cuisines.

Jessica from Danone

“I would like to once again thank you for such an incredible time yesterday afternoon. My team really enjoyed it and is already talking about another cooking session ”

Eric from Nordic Global

“Many thanks to Chef Gabi for creating an exciting and informational culinary experience at the Food For Thought event. The entire BELIEVE team at Nordic thoroughly enjoyed the Soul Food Cooking Class.”

Destiny from YMCA

“Tonight, was so much fun! Everything tasted and went so great! When I got home my daughter asked me what restaurant I went to when she saw my food! I was so happy to tell her I cooked it all. Can’t wait till the next one.”