People many a times back out from cooking something delicious for themselves because of their fear and the lack of confidence in their culinary skills. If you’re among them, we have what it takes for you to slay it as a chef!

Our specially designed skills classes would focus on making you grow confidence in yourself. We start from the very basics for understanding and gradually perfecting your culinary skills. You’ll have the chef’s attention and fellow learners to start growing up as a chef for yourself at home or even for your friends and family. The knife lessons would be the first skill that you would learn and is probably the most important one. You would learn to mince, dice and lastly julienne the first path to building a savory shrimp and vegetable stir fry.

The knife skills are followed by proper vegetable cooking techniques. These would range in a variety as well and by the end of the class you’ll be equipped with your perfect set of culinary skills. Whether you want to experiment new dishes  (African or Caribbean) by yourself or learn a few more, you can easily enhance your portfolio when you’ve mastered the basics!

The chefs in Afromeals are experienced chefs who not only teach you how to make African and Caribbean cuisine but they can guide you on how to make a Juicy steak and other great meals.


Looking for a team building activity for your team members in your firm, or are you a family looking to cook together, or is it your birthday, bridal shower, baby shower and you want to do something different. Well we are here for you.

We design menus and cooking classes for corporate events and other events such as birthdays, family day or even bridal/baby showers. It is a day or an evening bonding and working together as a team, whether during a team building activity or a family or friends event.

Aside from teaching you and your group culinary skills, we also help you to achieve your goal on this day. You learn how to work together to create amazing meals that you can make at home as well.

Go to our event page and fill out our interest form about booking a time for your private event. We offer both online private events and also onsite private events.


Kids are curious and creative, aside from being in school learning to think outside the box or to be creative, the next best place for a kid to be creative in is the kitchen. Children are taught the basics in our cooking class such as using a knife properly and using the proper ingredients to create a great meal.

We encourage children to come up with different ingredients that pairs well together to make a great dish. We also give children the gift of being independent in the kitchen as they grow up. They can use these cooking skills as they move out to college or their own place and even better, develop an interest in becoming a great chef.

We take the best efforts to master them in proper culinary skills besides teaching them a few savory cuisines that they’d love to make by themselves. Also, we offer parent-child cooking lessons with which you can spend time together creating exciting dishes like pasta and meatballs with a Caribbean twist! Here, kids get to learn about other countries and their culture while mastering the culinary arts.

Give your kids a gift that would stay with them for life. Register for cooking lessons with us today!


Lovers of food and lovers of culture. We combine your  loves to bring you a cultural experience in the comfort of your home.

Most people are an ardent lover of food that varies over regional as well as international flavors. If you’re one of those with a heart of experience different culture through foods, then we’re here to offer you a cultural experience through different cuisines. Why not take a sprint at learning your favorite regional and international cuisines to give you a feel of the world right at your home?

Enjoy flavors of Africa and the Caribbean by learning different cuisines from different parts of Africa and Caribbean. If you are the type into fusion, not to worry, we’ve got you cover. We also teach you how to fuse different international cuisines together to form one. We can teach you how to fuse African flavors with Mexican, Indian, Italian and etc.

What more, these lessons would even make you star among your friends and family. Entertain your family, friends or guests with your new found skills and knowledge of other cuisines.

A little spice of will power, love and enthusiasm is what makes you the best traveler! Travel the earth with us within the space of your kitchen.


If you’re a food lover and wish to learn something new for your upcoming date night then we may have just what you need.

Date nights are always exciting and fun, but food has always been on the spotlight. It is truly said that good food is the first path to someone’s heart.

Here, we have the best date night classes with a set of cuisines that varies, from African, Caribbean, Asian to Western cuisines. They are all set to give you a little savory tour of the world. An authentic African and or Caribbean cuisine would give you a perfect balance with all kinds of flavors from spices, herbs and other ingredients used during this amazing class. This experiences makes the perfect date night.

If you are not into trying bold flavors we can also introduce you to a steak and potatoes date night for you and your significant other. We offer pasta classes for those looking for an evening in Rome. .

If you are looking for an exciting fun night with your significant other, or a friend or family, register for our classes on our Event page.