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Place Order on Sundays. Last Day to Order is Thursday at 6pm.
 Pick-up on Saturdays 12:30-2:30pm
Findlay’s Kitchen
1719 Elm St, Cincinnati OH, 45202
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Upcoming Pickup Menu
  • Fried rice, Jerk Chicken and Plantain  
  • Jollof Rice, Chicken and plantain 
  • Pasta, Jerk Shrimp and plantains 
  • Fried rice, shrimp, and plantain 
  • Jerk Chicken and Plantains 
  • White rice, Chicken Stew and Plantain
  • Soups (Light soup, Pepper soup) (coming soon)
  • Meat pies (Coming Soon)
  • Upcoming Holiday Specials
    • Thanksgiving Boxes (Meat pie, fish pie, Samosa, and Puff Puff)
    • Christmas Boxes (Meat Piet, Fish pie, Samosa, Puff puff)

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