Experience the culture

With our cooking classes. Enjoy an evening of learning, fun and a taste of culture. Travel to different different countries  and experience the culture through a 3 – 4 course meals. During our classes, not only do you learn about culture but you also gain cooking skills and techniques that will elevate the way you cook. Our experienced chefs are with you from beginning to end taking you through each meals with clear instructions and giving you cultural references concerning.

Enjoy our spices

With Afromeals spice blends! Our spice blends gives you delicious and flavorful meals and a cultural experience! These spices blends are great with meats, poultry, seafood, vegetables, rice and pasta dishes. We sell our easy to use amazing spices blends on Afroshop and we teach how to make it as well. Check it out today. 

African Donuts made Easy

It’s known as Puff-puff, Bofloat, Beignet, Amagwinya, etc. This African donut is known around the continent of Africa! The best part of this donut is that, it is vegan friendly, and all you need to do is just add water, and fry it. Experience the culture with this sweet, fluffy on the inside and crunchy on the out side African donut. 

Popular Classes

Jollof Rice

Spend an evening learning about West African popular rice dish JOLLOF Rice. Enjoy an evening learning about this flavorful rice dish and the cultural references.

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Rasta Pasta

Experience a evening in Jamaica! In this class we introduce you to the famous Rasta Pasta and Callaloo. Jamaican famous pasta dish and the Caribbean earthy and flavorful Callaloo sauteed with peppers and other herbs.

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Meat Pie

Meat pie is a popular hand pie in West Africa. This hand pie is a buttery crust filled with ground meat and meat vegetables seasoned with West African spices and herbs. This is always sold out with a waiting list!

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About Us

 Imagine being in a restaurant, a cooking class, or just enjoying a great flavorful meal and feeling like you are in another country experiencing the culture.

Afromeals is here to give you to the African and Caribbean flavors, and cuisines.

We introduce you to the African and Caribbean food experience through our services and products. Our cooking classes are where people get to taste and learn about a variety of foods, while enjoying the culture references behind the meals they are cooking.

Experience the culture not just with our cooking classes, but also through our catering service, and our different variety of spice blends from Jollof rice seasoning to Jerk seasoning to Ethiopian Berbere seasoning, etc. and other product such as puff-puff mix. Enjoy cooking easy meals at home with our spice blends and also our recipe book “Afromeals 30 minutes meals and more” where we designed a recipe book that reduces cooking time however giving you the same flavorful and delicious meals for you, your family and your guests.

With our 15 years of culinary experience we are devoted to bringing you quality meals. In addition to quality meals, we are also known for our great customer service and professionalism.

Our popularity keeps increasing daily as we have been featured on news platform in Ohio such as local 12 WKRC Cincinnati news station and Living Dayton a lifestyle show on WDTV! We have also collaborated with other food businesses, cooking schools, incubator kitchens and also selling our products in huge international markets such as Jungle Jim’s in Fairfield Ohio!

 Afromeals is one of the up and coming African and Caribbean food spots in Cincinnati, Dayton, and Springfield Ohio!


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puff puff

Amazing Puff puff!

I have eaten Afromeals puff puff and it was so amazing! It has a nice hint of cinnamon.

Cynthia U.

Spinach Stew (efo riro)! Yum!!

I have tasted a variety of different dishes from Afromeals and I have NEVER been disappointed!! I get excited every time I know I’m about to eat food from her! One of my favorite dishes from her is the efo/vegetable stew with jasmine rice! The freshness of the spinach, peppers, and onions that are so perfectly stewed and nicely seasoned with smoke turkey!!! And then poured on top of jasmine rice that is not too soft nor too hard just nice and fluffy! Can I just say, YUMMM!!

Julian O.

Oh so yummy Jollof


Afromeals Ghana jollof rice is oh so yummy and rich in flavorful taste.

Nini O.

Fried pasta is my favorite!!

The fried pasta made by Afromeals is one of my favorite dishes. The pasta is loaded with flavor and the perfect amount of spices. I will definitely recommend giving it a try!

Deborah O.

Fried rice

Shrimp Fried Rice is Delicious!!


Afromeals shrimp fried rice is delicious! This dish is bursting with flavor. Our whole family enjoys it. Our two and four years old happily eat it. Anyone with little kids knows that is a win! We all had to go back for seconds.

Meredith L.

puff puff

Life changing puff puff!!

Afromeals puff puff changed my life!

Joelle R.

puff puff

Puff puff leaves me wanting more!

I’ve been eating Afromeals puff-puff for years. It’s tasty, soft and always leaves me wanting more!


Nedu O.

puff puff

Grandpa still talking about Puff puff!

Hey! Can I buy a bag of puff puff for my grandpa (the one you made at the birthday party) for Christmas? He hasn’t stopped mentioning it!

Destinee J.

Best Chin Chin Ever Tasted!!!

This Chin Chin is the best thing I’ve ever tasted. You are anointed!!!

Adeola O.


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